Google Verified Calling

Verify your Business with the Google Verified Calling Services here.

The verified calls or Google's verified calls allow you to display your business's logo, brand name, the reason for calling and a verification badge or symbol before answering the call by the user.
It help you to make informed decisions about all the incoming calls. It help you to avoid fraud or scams, Google works with member businesses to authenticate the identification of business callers.

Why you need Google Verified Calling Service?

There are many reason for this, there are millions of spam calls that millions of people get every day, there are many important calls are too but we avoid because it looks like a spam call. Verified Calls is Google's technique of enhancing caller ID so that you can easily determine whether or not a caller is a real business. Businesses can now sign up to use Verified Calls, which allows them to provide you with more information about why they are calling. Get today your Verified Calls by Google Services at Xclusivedesk at a very affordable price and easy integration.

On the incoming call screen, Google's new approach allows legal businesses to communicate their information with customers, as well as their reason for calling. This, however, only applies to firms that have opted to sign up with one of Google's partners to have their phone calls validated.


What are the benefits of Google Verified Calling for businesses?

There are many reasons to do this, mentioned below which define the benefits of Google verified calling for businesses.


Protect your Customers or Client with Frauds

You can save your client or customer with any type of fraud. Google verified calling Service gives you a separate and exclusive way to make a call with the single phone number or virtual phone number with a verification badge on it, calls from other number without badge can help users to not get in their trap. This is the reason it is must for a business or organization.


Build Trust

It help to increase trust among your client or customers and also make a brand value.  Get today your Verified Calls by Google Services at XclusiveDesk at a very affordable price and easy integration.


Increase call answer rates.

As per a research, we have found that by using Google Verified Calling Service, the businesses have a very high rate of Call Answer success rate around 50 - 70% which is very high or 3 times more.


What are the features of Google Verified Calls?

  • Exhibit Purpose of Call
  • Manifest Business Identity
  • Verification Badge

We know that Google verified Calling Services is very important for your business, it not only help your users to informed about your business, also increase trust and reputation + brand value of your business. Get today your Verified Calls by Google Services at XclusiveDesk at a very affordable price and easy integration.     

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