Transactional SMS

Trusted & Best Transactional SMS Services in India

A transactional SMS is a non-marketing text SMS or automated text message that agencies send to support their existing or new customers/clients to support their audience along the customer journey. Top most commonly used transactional SMS types are order confirmation, shipping updates, welcome text messages, bank transaction updates. We at XclusiveDesk provides one of the best Bulk Transactional SMS Services in India.

What are the top Benefits of a Transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS are different from Bulk SMS marketing solution. It is now important to use Bulk Transactional SMS Services in India for your business because of the reason to stay connected and giving a valuable services at the same time. Most of the time, the transactional sms are very important for the message receivers. Few benefits we have mentioned below.

Instant Readability:- According to the SMS Marketing Stats, we have found that 91% of transactional SMS read by the users within the first 2 or 3 minutes. Also the open rate of Transactional SMS is 98% according to many reputed blogs.

It is a convenient medium:- According to a Survey, we have found that people average use 3 to 4 hours a day on their smartphones, the high chances are that you will reach your audience in millions. Even for SMS no need of a Smartphone device, normal mobile phones audiences can also be targeted.

Help the Audience:- Transactional SMS assists people in various communication touch points with your brand. Using SMS, you will build a solid brand image.

Bulk Transactional SMS Services in India can help you to achieve your targeted goals that you want to achieve, also it help you to make your business's reputation, trust and brand value. Choosing the right service as transactional SMS services in India can help your business to gain more brand value. Right decision is important, as per the stats of transactional SMS we have found that an instant basis and without breaking services can help your business by up to Transactional SMS Service Provider 20% more in terms of services.

Important Features of Transactional SMS:-

Real Time Delivery Report: Receive a real-time confirmation report on the communication you sent, as well as the progress of its delivery. Being one of the top transactional SMS Service provider in India, we have delivered a continuous services to our clients or customers by our experts. We have given few very important transactional SMS features below.

Customized Templates: Customize template as per your requirement and send Transactional messages from your sender ID.

Tractability of SMS: Get access to a dashboard that allows you to measure and monitor the total number of SMSs sent and received by your clients.

API Integration: Integrate API into your software to avail scheduling and functioning of auto delivery of messages (transactional sms).

There are many transactional SMS Service provider online, but only few have experience and right technology to deliver the best ROI (return on investment) for your business, also we provide analytics option to find out your KPIs, so it is the right time to buy transactional SMS Services in India.

SMS in your Regional Language

Our Transactional SMS facility allow you to connect with your users in your regional language or native language. It help your users not to miss out an important updates and notifications and act faster.

Verified SMS

Build trust with Verified SMS by including your brand name and logo, as well as the verified status, in all of your business texts.

Transactional SMS not only help your business to update your clients or users, even it builds a very strong relationship, increase trust and make your business a brand value. As per a research we have found that Transactional SMS marketing is used now by most of the businesses like Ecommerce, Banking, Schools, Colleges, Online services providers, Travel ports, transactional portals etc.

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