Softphone Solution

Best VOIP Softphone Company in India, Softphone for Small/Medium/Big Brands.

We at XclusiveDesk introduce one of the best and reliable Softphone for Business which is integrated with web based dashboard in India for Dialing process for every business - The Softphone for Business. It can be used by every agent in your business. A Softphone is a type of software which allows users or agents to make phone calls over the internet using smartphone or computer.

Features that we Offer:-

 In our Softphone for Business technology, we offer one of the most important features which help you to analyze all the call data and make calls. Our most important features are Call recording, call analytics, web based dashboard to manage and analyze all the call data, SMS feature, Email Feature and more.

How Softphone Works?

A VoIP Softphones for Small Business or Medium/Big Brand functions similarly to a traditional phone, with the exception that the call is routed via the internet and can be initiated and received from numerous devices.  The procedure is when you make a call using dashboard or softphone, it connected through a virtual number or did number to the customer or users number. It uses mic and speaker of your PC or Laptop for a conversation. The call recorded in web based dashboard which is provided with the softphone. There are many best VOIP Softphone Company in India like XclusiveDesk who can help you to get all the features that you want.

Benefits of Softphone:-


The most significant advantage of softphones is their inexpensive price. Because they are software-based, they require very little equipment – just a smart or internet-enabled device and a headset – and maintenance is included in the monthly subscription cost. Video calls and multiparty conferencing are included in most services, so you won't have to pay extra for these. Because upgrading your system is as simple as updating your software, softphones help you save money on hardware, phone service, and maintenance. Softphones also allow you to make international calls for a fraction of the cost of making an international call the traditional method. We at XclusiveDesk providers the best VOIP Softphone Company in India.


A software-based business phone system also provides scalability for your company, as your Softphone for Business system can readily modify as your company grows.

Easy integrations

Integrations are increasingly important, too. For example, many softphones can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) platforms so that every call that comes in calls up the correct contact in your system. Now no need to find best Softphones for Small Business/Medium Business or Brand Business, we deliver the best service with Easy integrations.

Ease of use

Another important advantage of softphone systems, according to many reputed articles, is that they are simple to use. We know that finding the best VOIP Softphone Company in India is not hard as we think, we have the solution for you, XclusiveDesk is the best option for your softphone need.

Softphone Features

Best Softphones for Small Business or Medium/Big Brand have features and functions which is much like a traditional telephone which allow you for:-

  • Make, Transfer & receive calls.
  • Manage Contacts.
  • Set up call waiting and do not disturb.
  • Keep Cell phone calls private.
  • Instant message coworkers/customer.
  • Share Contact lists.


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