Five very important Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Everyone is using Mobile phone (most of), this is the reason why sms marketing is used for promotional, transactional and communicative purposes. There are 3 billion mobile phone users across the world, and the numbers are increasing every year in millions of numbers. Open rate of a Text message is around 80 to 85% which is highest open rate in comparison of any other mode of advertisement like email marketing etc. It is #1 method to promote your business and make visible your business in front of potential customers. You can find out your Bulk SMS marketing services at our Company which may easily help you to grow and continuous achievement of goals.


You can target end number of people using SMS Marketing campaign for few very important reasons mentioned below.


Instant Process- Many people check their mobile phone 2 to 3 times in an hour, it means open rate is high and instantly user may check your promotional non promotional SMS.


Interactive Process- Customers are ready and likely to respond to a text SMS in comparison then an email.


No Need internet to deliver- As we all know, SMS are running without help of Internet, so no issue if the user have internet connection on their mobile phone or no, it can be delivered instantly.


How to Improve SMS marketing

Before starting an sms marketing campaign, few things that you should understand is that you have to write everything within 160 characters of text limit. You should mention the service or product you offer, where it is located or the mode of purchase, a clear call to action and it should be eye catchy. Always write clear messages and always remember about your users while writing messages.


Focus on Old Clients too

On average, 20% of a company's revenue comes from 20% of its existing customer base—that is, consumers who have been retained and kept pleased.

Increasing client retention rates by only 5% can boost earnings by anything from 25% to 95%.


Customer Acquisition

Obtaining Customers is a one-of-a-kind service that we provide to our customers. You now have a tracking system for your SMS campaign, and you can easily obtain an SMS delivery report. It can also assist you in calculating your return on investment (ROI).


One thing is very important which make our company different from others is that we deliver quality services, these are not words, you can find out many testimonials/reviews on Google or any other review websites. Our customers are continuously taking our services for many years continuously. Our technical experts are well trained and know how to solve every raised query by you. Now no need to find more Bulk SMS marketing services Providers in India, we are the best option for you. We have a big team having years of experience in the same field to deliver quality services.

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