How Grow Your Business with IVR for pharmaceuticals industry, CHeck here

Are you in pharmaceuticals business? Then IVR is very important for your business with many benefits. IVR or interactive voice response system works by using pre-recorded voice messages and keypad touch tone entries to interact with incoming callers and route them to the relevant department for more information. You should install today IVR for pharmaceuticals industry as it can help your business to increase its maximum performance. 

IVR is an automated technology of phone system that allows incoming callers to access all the information available using a voice response system. It is very useful for any business, few of the basic information and how IVR works, check here:-

Call Initiation

Call initiated by a user the phone number associated with the IVR solution. Often time the customer service or the primary phone number of the company. 

Welcome Messages

Once the call is received by the IVR system, it narrates a pre-recorded message to the user for example "Welcome to Xclusivedesk, thanks for calling us, we are happy to help you". IVR for pharmaceuticals industry can use the welcome messages based on their need and niche. 

Menu Options Provided

After the greeting message, the menu options will be provided by the IVR system. The options included with some options like "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for inventory, Press 3 to call back, Press 4 for account department, Press 5 to connect with our customer care executive".

User Input

The caller responds to the options available on the menu by clicking or pressing the corresponding keys on their phone keypad. 


Once the all options are selected above, this is the time for call routing. Based on the caller's input, the system of IVR route the call to the relevant and appropriate destination. This could be an individual, pre-recorded information, or a specific department. Only a suitable and best IVR for pharmaceuticals industry providers can help you with the IVR system.

Information Retrieval

If the caller selects an option for obtaining information, the interactive voice response system retrieves the appropriate and relevant information from its database and presents it to the caller in form of pre-recorded messages. This can help for any business related to pharmacy. Get Pharmacy IVR Service today with us. 

Transaction Processing

If it is a transaction option and caller selects it, such as placing an order or asking or making a payment, the IVR system helps the caller use the necessary steps to complete it's transaction securely. 

Transfer to the live agent

Some IVR systems offer the option for callers to speak with an available live agent. If the option is selected, the call is transferred to a customer care service representative or the relevant department. IVR for pharmaceuticals industry has so many benefits not only for transfer the call but even more than this. 

Confirmation and Completion

Once the request of the caller is processed or the call has been transferred, the IVR system may provide additional instructions or confirmation like estimated wait time if the caller is being transferred to a live agent. You can get medical IVR service at an affordable price with Xclusivedesk as they have 10% off if you call using this blog post. 

Call Conclusion

At the end, the call concludes with a thank you message or any other type of closing remarks or the poll for call quality before ending the connection. Get your IVR for pharmaceutical industry today with Xclusivedesk.

|| Benefits of IVR

IVR has so many benefits and if you don't have the IVR then you may lose your business. Interactive voice response or IVR system offer so many types of benefits for businesses across various industries. 

24X7 Availability

IVR systems can easily handle calls 24X7. It provides round-the-clock access and information or services. IVR ensures that callers can reach your company even outside working hours, improving customer accessibility and satisfaction.

Efficient Call Handling

IVR systems can automate routine tasks and inquiries like as providing info about processing orders, and products or directing callers to the relevant department. This reduces the need of human intervention. Also in handling basic inquiries freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks. 

Cost Effectiveness

By automating routine tasks and reducing the need for live agents, the IVR system saves time and money of the companies. It helps users to increase the growth and reduce human intervention on several tasks that can be done easily with the IVR system.


IVR systems are scalable and can easily handle a big amount of calls without any additional resources like human need. If your business grows, Interactive voice response systems can easily accommodate increased call traffic. Scalability is very important thing these days, and IVR can help you with this.

Data Collection and Analysis

IVR systems can be easily analyzed as it collect valuable data on caller interactions, call duration, types of inquiries received, call volume, etc. You can use this data to understand the call pattern and identify areas of improvement to make more good decisions for your business and focus on the best-performing areas.  Get your medical IVR service today with xclusivedesk and increase your business growth.

IVR Features

  • Customized IVR solutions
  • Personalized IVR System Services
  • Easy call handling
  • Pre-defined customer support
  • Quick prediction of customer issue
  • 24/7 availability
  • Highly-defined business approach
  • Increase in the agent’s productivity

Apart from this, there are so many more benefits that you will get once you use the Pharmacy IVR Service for your pharmacy business. It has so many other useful USPs that can help your business to grow. We have a wide list of satisfied customers who are using the IVR and they all are satisfied with the services. The support service is very dedicated who can help you at any point even after office working hours, so get your Pharmacy IVR Service today with us.

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