Why does your business need Call Masking or Number Masking?

Number masking, also known as call masking or phone number masking is a great service to maintain the customer and your agent's privacy and identity without getting their personal data misplaced. Without exposing phone numbers it allows two-way communication between your agent and your customers. 

The call masking or number masking by two parties provides one sort of relief to each other by creating a secure and safe environment. The number masking let people to connect with each other for a time period. 

What is the purpose of number masking?

Data privacy is the main concern these days and one of the main concerns of customers where no one wants to share their personal information with businesses and brands in the belief that they might fall into an attack related to cyber security and data breaches. To avoid such situations and protect the data of customers, call masking is used to save customer's privacy. 

How it works?

The masked call numbers are generally referred to as proxy, clocked, and anonymized phone numbers. It is generally used to hide the private mobile phone number and it forwards the all to the real eventual destination. The shared private number looks like real fiction as per users. It is a great source to protect both party's personal data information.

How does call masking works?

In order to keep the number anonymous and maintain customer privacy, call masking or number masking is used. For instance, if your agent calls using your business application to any other person and you don't want them to know each other then you can use a number masking solution to hide their number using our cloud-based software. The call masking facility can be managed by only the admin, the admin could be the manager, the main authority etc. The call masking feature is inbuilt with CRM solution. 

Benefits of call masking:-

  • Enable secure interactions
  • Active Customer Engagement
  • Real-time Data Insights

Call masking can be beneficial for any industry like e-commerce, healthcare, ride-sharing, call center etc.

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